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What is Clear Dance Initiative?

Clear Dance Initiative was created to offer an innovative approach to educating and training dancers. CDI collaborates with working dance professionals across the United States to bring high caliber training and strategic educational workshops to established dance studios across the country. 

Two different packages are offered through CDI that cater to your studios needs: The WORKSHOP or The SESSION. Each package offers a range of programming that includes innovative dance technique classes, education, and “CLARITY” strategy sessions which focus on helping dancers obtain a clear understanding of their own goals… whether they are dance related, life related, or both.

Drawing on the experience of the professional staff, dancers will explore a wide range of dance choreography, pedagogy and technique, engage in Q&A educational sessions, discover personal growth and success strategies, and create team bonds with their peers. Our mission is for dancers to leave a CDI workshop equipped with information and strategies to empower them for success… success in the professional dance world and success in life.

Our Core Values

Providing excellent and diverse dance training taught by working dance professionals who offer a wide range of experience and training

Exceptional & Diverse Training
Empower dancers to succeed

Empowering dancers to succeed by giving them tools to identify goals and overcome obstacles, mental blocks and interpersonal conflicts that impede their ability to succeed while fostering team bonds within the studio.

well rounded dance education

Expanding students' education about the many facets of the professional dance world, including choreography, pedagogy and performance. 



Students and faculty attend group classes, taught by our exceptional instructors, to expand their technical skills in dance. 



We encourage important conversations so your faculty and students can create a positive atmosphere within your studio. We provide unparalleled information about the current environment of the dance industry through relevant experience and education.




Attendees will participate in discussions and team building activities to overcome mindset roadblocks and establish more positive thinking patterns to excel inside and outside of the dance studio.

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